POSITIONEN Marta Maccaglia

Marta Maccaglia holds a master’s degree in design of exhibition spaces by La Sapienza in Rome, and has lived in Peru since 2011, working in architecture and cooperation projects. She is the founder of the NGO Semillas (since 2014), co-founder of the office PLAN A 0-100 (2019-2021) and professor at the UCAL university in Lima (since 2015).  She is dedicated to research projects, participatory workshops, and architectural projects within a framework of integral development. 
 Semillas’s work has received several recognitions such as: finalist in the DIVIA award 2023, finalist in the Dorfman Award by the Royal Academy - London 2022, Finalist Mies Crown Hall of Americas Prize (MCHAP. Emerge) of the Illinois Institute - Chicago 2022, Finalist Ar-Emerging Architecture Awards - by Architectural Review 2020; World prize for sustainable architecture by La Cité de l'Architecture - Paris, 2018; among others.
Semillas is based in 3 regions in Peru: Lima (The capital of Peru), Pangoa and San Ignacio (in the Amazonian rainforest). Semillas’s practice sees architecture as a cultural expression and a means to improve people’s quality of life through cooperative work as the only way to forge development and create of the foundation of equal rights and opportunities. Semillas involvement not only in the design and building work, but also in processes of community participation in which the exchange of knowledge is promoted and valued. An architecture thought of and built locally, which seeks to highlight the value of local resources, provide environmental comfort and revitalize the public space. Its financing model celebrates cooperative work, in which various institutions (private and public) contribute from their social spheres, while showing respect to community voices and their habitat.
More info: www.semillasperu.com
Instagram: Semillasperu
MArta Maccaglia / 11.05.23 / 19:30 Uhr / Raum a151