Dear colleagues, students and fellow guests,
we are happy to announce our first guest ROTOR as part of the lecture series 'Positionen'. It will be held on the 12th of May 2022 at 7pm in english.
There is a widespread consensus that the future of building and construction practice does not lie in new construction. Given the fact that the procurement of materials is becoming increasingly difficult and the construction sector has contributed significantly to the scarcity of resources, Rotor is proposing to rethink the way we organize material flows.
‚Rotor‘ as in ‚rotate‘ develops strategies for salvage, waste reduction and reuse models in the building sector - deconstructing and dismantling instead of constructing and building. Based on this idea, the subsidiary Rotor Deconstruction was formed in 2015, which removes unused materials from construction sites and buildings which are then processed and offered for sale on their website.
Rotor is continously furthering the debate on sustainablity in planning and building through applied research projects, economic models, policy proposals, publications and exhibitions. Among other things they represented Belgium at the Venice Biennale in 2010. In 2015, they were awarded the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture under the patronage of Unesco. Since 2019, they have been leading the EU's Interreg NWE project entitled FCRBE - Facilitating the circulation of reclaimed building elements in Northwestern Europe, which aims to increase the share of reusable material circulation by 50%. They oversee large dismantling projects and work on various urban design projects. Furhtermore many of the main collaborators of Rotor have gone on to teach at renowned international architecture schools such as TU Delft, University of Columbia New York, EPFL in Lausanne and the AA in London. All the more reason that we’re are excited to welcome them at the TU Berlin Department for Architecture in May!
We hope you’ll join us for an evening filled with more insights in Rotor’s design practice. 

Zoom: https://tu-berlin.zoom.us/j/69039983979?pwd=Z3hhd2VGa1BuRzg1SkRGRSt5bDgydz09

Meeting-ID: 690 3998 3979
Kenncode: 386971