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The ongoing pandemic has exposed the inadequacy of contemporary cities and architecture, forcing us to think about new ways of living and working in the same space. Activities such as home office and homeschooling pose a major challenge to a large part of the population, as a foundational principle of modernity was, after all, that living and working should be spatially separated.
Even though post-industrial, digital forms of work had been softening the strict separation of living and working even before the pandemic, the current crisis has clearly demonstrated how much architecture lags behind social development.
ANCB - The ADEAS Metropolitan Laboratory is launching a student competition to address this question. How can existing structures be rethought, expanded and reduced to live, work, relax and study together under the same roof, so that the scarce resource of space can be used more efficiently?  As a consequence of the mutual influence of working, studying, socializing and living, the design proposal should showcase increased flexibility and new access possibilities.
Propose your vision for the redevelopment of an office building!
Create a sketch using the collage method. Take the given office perspectives as a base and add your proposal to them. The technique for making the collage is free, the important thing is that the proposed idea is quickly and easily recognizable. You can swap one of the given photos for another office perspective - external or internal - depending on which photo you decide to replace. Remember to send only one concept proposal, presented as two collages.
Send your proposal by 10:00 am Friday on our E-Mail address: a27@architektur.tu-berlin.de
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