URBAN STORE - The knowledge of the city  As a result of the housing crisis, current planning focuses mainly on urban residential densification. This involves the long term danger of creating monofunctional urban areas. The survival of inner-city spaces for music, culture, movement and education and their interconnection with the neighborhood must be seen as an indicator for a healthy urban fabric. The „Urban“ series therefore investigates the development of new hybrid typologies and possibilities for their spatial and programmatic urban integration. Urban Store addresses the redesign of a center for archiving and mediating knowledge. In addition to long-term scenarios to ground the building in its neighborhood, spatial qualities, functional processes and technical requirements are to be discussed and elaborated in the design proposal.
The seminar will develope and strengthen visual tools of analysis and notation. The spatial potential and characters of various archives and libraries in Berlin will be explored in a field trip. The findings and the individual experience of the unique atmosphere, proportion, functional setup, etc. of theses space are to be translated visually. During the course of the seminar, these notation tools will be further refined and allow to formulate the specifics of the own concept and narrative. 
Aufgabe00 Presentation Thursday, 12.04.18 11 am, Halle 4