SCENICTALKS Maria Mallo Zurdo

Maria Mallo is a PHD Architect and Higher Technician in Sculpture Applied Arts. She is professor at ETSAM since 2015. Her work, which is part of the Frac Center d´Orleans collection, focuses on researching natural geometries and biomaterials through experimentation with artisanal and digital techniques. She dilutes disciplinary boundaries by moving between non-hegemonic architecture, design and art. She is committed to a fluid, soft, mutable and living architecture, kind to bodies and emotions, which transforms and is transformed by its inhabitants. Her latest projects have been exhibited at Vierzon Biennale, Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas, Rabat Biennale, Central de Diseño de Madrid, Space to be, Bienal Ludantia, Biennale d´Architecture d´Orléans, Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid, MediaLab Prado, Matadero Madrid y COAM. She develops an independent professional line since 2012, is co-founder of Leon11 (2005-2012) and Mecedorama (2011-2016).
Maria mallo / 15.12.23 / 10:30 Uhr / Raum a513 / Zoom