Dr Thea Brejzek is a Professor of Spatial Theory in the School of Architecture at the University of Technology Sydney. Her research engages with the construction of performative spaces in and across theatre, architecture, media, and exhibition. Thea Brejzek is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Bauhaus foundation Dessau and Co-Editor of Theatre & Performance Design. Recent Publications (co-authored with Lawrence Wallen) include: 
 "Architecture, Model, Performance", In: On Models, e-flux architecture 2022; "Model & Fragment: On the Performance of Incomplete Architectures", In: Worldmodelling, Architectural Design 2021; The Model as Performance. Staging Space in Theatre and Architecture , Bloomsbury 2018. Together with Lawrence Wallen, The Brejzek is currently working on a monograph on the Virtual Model: Worldmaking in Theatre, Art and Architecture (Bloomsbury 2024).
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