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Friday, 17th of May, 12:00 in the Institute for Architecture, A513 we warmly welcome Basurama!
Basurama is a collective dedicated to cultural and environmental research, creation, and production, founded in 2001. It has focused its area of study and action on production processes, the generation of waste they entail, and the creative possibilities arising from these contemporary situations.
Born at the School of Architecture of Madrid, it has evolved and adopted new forms since its inception. Its aim is to study phenomena inherent in the massive production of real and virtual waste in consumer society, providing new perspectives that act as generators of thought and attitude. It identifies gaps within these processes of generation and consumption that not only raise questions about our way of exploiting resources but also about our way of thinking, working, and perceiving reality.
Basurama aims to find waste where it wouldn't be so obvious and study waste in all its forms. It has become a multidisciplinary space where disparate activities are simultaneously developed but with a common focus. Alongside visual arts in its broadest sense, all kinds of workshops, lectures, concerts, screenings, and publications are included.
It also aims to establish a platform for bringing together and working with individuals from different social backgrounds who occupy very different positions, yet are not far apart, also considering itself as a creative node - a meeting space. It has carried out more than 100 projects on four continents, with its base in Madrid and a permanent office in Bilbao (Spain).
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