TOBUILDTALK Fundbüro 240516

Thursday, 16th of May, 13:30 in the Institute for Architecture, A513 we warmly welcome fundbüro design!
Fundbüro is an innovative architecture and design agency based in Berlin, specializing in architecture, scenography, product design, branding, graphic design, art direction, and virtual environments. Founded by architects Alex Guijarro and Elena Lamata, the firm relies on research and experience to guide its creative process. The Fundbüro team, comprised of architects, product designers, graphic designers, photo editors, and animators, operates as a dynamic network that adapts and transforms for each project, ensuring tailor-made solutions and the highest quality in innovation for its clients.
In the field of scenography and ephemeral structures, Fundbüro has distinguished itself through successful collaborations with music and fashion festivals, as well as pop-up stores. They provide their clients with stage and lighting design for theater, TV, film, and festivals, as well as exhibition design, art installations, and other temporarily designed elements that enhance the creative expression of their collaborators.
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FUNDBüro design / 16.05.24 / 13:30 UHR / RAUM A513