TOBUILDTALK Wilk-Salinas Architects 240606 10:30

Thursday, 6th of june, 10:30 in the Institute for Architecture, A513 we warmly welcome Ana Salinas for Wilk-salinas architekten!
Founded in Berlin in 2004 by Ana Salinas and Gilbert Wilk, Wilk-Salinas Architekten operates on the principle of "realizing magic." Our office, situated in the Kreuzberg district, boasts a team of seven architects with extensive experience both nationally and internationally. We collaborate with a diverse range of planners and creatives to bring our projects to life.
Our journey began on Tenerife, where Ana Salinas and Gilbert Wilk crossed paths while working for AMP arquitectos. Inspired by Spanish architect Fernando Menis's philosophy of sustainable, cost-effective, and adaptable architecture, Wilk-Salinas Architekten specializes in the creative and functional revitalization of historic buildings and areas.
In 2004, Gilbert Wilk, along with his team from AMP arquitectos and artist Susanne Lorenz, realized the Badeschiff in Berlin—a converted barge serving as a floating swimming pool on the Spree River. This success led to the commission to winterize the pool, marking the birth of Wilk-Salinas Architekten. Ana Salinas relocated permanently to Berlin to lead the Winterbadeschiff project and establish our architectural firm. The decision proved fruitful, with the completion of the award-winning Winterbadeschiff in 2005 launching a series of innovative and acclaimed projects.
Our portfolio showcases a commitment to transforming urban environments through the adaptive reuse of existing structures. Projects like the Battersea (London), White Trash Fast Food Club (Berlin), SeaFlower (Dubai), and Liesenbrücke (Berlin) exemplify our approach to architectural innovation while often incorporating heritage preservation and sustainable design principles.
At Wilk-Salinas Architekten, we strive to realize the extraordinary in every project, shaping urban landscapes with innovation, sustainability, and a deep appreciation for architectural heritage.
WILK-salinas / 06.06.24 / 10:30 UHR / RAUM A513